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We specialize in advanced industrial coatings to meet extreme environmental and application factors. Our NACE and SSPC-certified sales consultants will perform on-site evaluations to help you determine the specific application and environmental pressures your projects place onto their protective coatings.

Unlike our competitors, who are eager to sell you “off-the-shelf” products, we fully survey and specify your protective coating needs, offering a coating specification to protect valuable assets against those unique environmental (chemical, heat, etc.) and application (abrasion, flexibility, etc.) challenges.

25+ Years of Advanced Industrial Coatings
For more than 25 years, Riteks has been providing highly technical custom coating solutions to a wide range of demanding industries, including marine, bridges, power generation, oil and gas, and mining Long-Term Commitment to Protecting Your Assets Our relationship with our coating customers is on-going: our success is dependent on your long-term success using our coatings. We follow-up with our customers to make certain our mutual goals are being met: namely, providing a valued solution that keeps your assets up and running for years to come.

Find Out How We Can Optimize Your Protective Coatings

Call or email us with the specific coating challenges you face. We’ll then arrange for one of our technical consultants to do a detailed on-site survey of your project to develop a custom, unmatched coating solution.

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ForSField Protective Coatings - High Performance, Multi-functional Surface-Tolerant

ForSField SG-11 Protective Coating - Steel and Concrete
ForSField™ SG-11 protective coating is a surface tolerant, zero VOC, HAPs free, direct to metal (DTM), multipurpose, two part protective coating designed for spray applications. It has excellent adhesion to metal, concrete, and galvanized substrates. Its main purpose is to protect substrates from corrosion and impart superior chemical resistance. Can be used as a primer, tie coat, top coat, and for chemical immersion service.

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ForSField TZ-904 Protective Coating - Marine Applications
The ForSField™ TZ-904 protective coating was designed for dock pilings to extend the maintenance intervals in severe marine environments, which can result in cost savings.After more than a decade of laboratory development, testing and field applications, ForSField™ TZ-904 protective coating has been specified as a waterfront (splash zone) protective coating. Our proprietary ForSField™ TZ-904 coating is a preferred replacement for coal-tar epoxy systems in marine environments.

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CP G-121
ForSField G-121 Protective Coating - Steel and Concrete Corrosion Protection
The ForSField™ G-121 is a high-performance, two part protective coating designed to provide superior protection for steel or concrete structures in corrosive environments. It has excellent adhesion to metal, concrete, and galvanized metal. G-121 can be used as a primer, tie coat, top coat, and for chemical immersion service. It is available in gray.

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XO Science Nanotechnology Coatings - Revolutionary Anti-Corrosion Protection of Steel

XO.XTREME - Self-Priming Nano-Engineered Aliphatic Amine Epoxy.
XO.XTREME™ contains a proprietary nano bonding technology that creates a nearly impenetrable bond with a steel substrate. The tightly cross-linked epoxy matrix of XO.XTREME excels across the spectrum of industrial applications. XO.XTREME exhibits excellent corrosion and chemical resistance and is non leaching, making it ideal for use in marine environments and for immersion service in brine and other corrosive conditions. Unlike many competitors, XO.XTREME is highly UV stable and is suitable for extreme exterior environments. With nano engineering and ultra-low VOC levels, XO.XTREME is the most workable, most versatile and easiest to apply advanced epoxy on the market.

XO.XTREME can be applied on tanks and pipes, off shore platforms, ballast tanks, ships, marine environments, chemical containment vessels, bridges and civil structures, waste water treatment facilities, and in applications where extreme bonding and corrosion protection is essential.

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    Critical Protective Coatings
  • Marine, Ports, Waterways
  • Bridges & Infrastructure
  • Mining Equipment & Facilities
  • Petrochemical Facilities
  • Military
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp & Paper Equipment & Mills
  • Steel Fabrications
  • Railroad Cars, Bridges, & Facilities
  • Exterior Concrete Structures
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing Facilities

    Advanced Coating Solutions
  • Long-term corrosion protection
  • Robust protection against aggressive chemicals
  • High-temperature coatings
  • Protective linings and abrasion-resistance
  • Highly flexible coatings
  • Various application-specific coating technologies




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