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Riteks is a leading supplier of high quality concrete admixtures for the Ready-Mix, Precast and Dry-Cast industries. Riteks Concrete Admixtures will significantly improve the properties of your concrete to optimize costs, workability and durability throughout the production and application processes. Our broad range of traditional and next generation admixtures helps to improve both the plastic and hardened properties of concrete, providing both consistent and reliable results to our customers and end users.

20+ Years of Advanced Concrete Admixtures
For more than 20 years, Riteks has been providing High Performance Concrete Admixtures and solutions for concrete producers and engineers. Our extensive selection of ASTM certified products has been proven to offer superior results for every condition and job specification.

Technical Solutions and Expert Support
Riteks technical sales consultants will meet with your engineering team to assess your individual applications, unique climatic conditions, and specific job requirements to provide solutions for all of your concrete admixture needs including difficult or unique concrete applications.

Riteks offers complete field proven professional installation of dispenser systems with an experienced support staff to ensure quick, trouble-free operation and maintenance. Whether at a batch plant or an on-site remote location, Riteks will provide accurate, reliable and quality results.

Find Out How We Can Optimize Your Product and Service Needs
Contact us with the concrete plant challenges you’re currently facing to arrange for a detailed analysis of your specific product and service needs to develop an optimized admixture solution.

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Concrete Admixtures
Riteks broad range of admixtures improve both the plastic and hardened properties of concrete, providing both consistent and reliable results, Riteks technical sales staff will work to provide you with solutions to your specific requirements. View general product descriptions by selecting products from the left menu or by downloading Technical Data Sheets.

Performance Fibers
Riteks Performance Fibers can be utilized for control of cracking, shrinking, adding secondary strength, rebar replacement and a number of other attributes for overall performance benefits. From residential slab on ground, to literal steel replacement, there’s a fiber to meet your requirement.

Dispensing Systems
Riteks specializes in custom dispensing system installations to satisfy each of our customers unique needs. Riteks provides quality components and ensure that each installation is assembled for accuracy, reliability and efficiency. A trained Riteks service technician will train, test and monitor the installation to ensure problem-free performance.

Waterproofing Systems
Riteks supplies the full line of Kryton products for concrete waterproofing, repair and the protection of concrete structures. Kryton offers a complete and proven system that takes the risk out of concrete waterproofing.

Concrete Admixtures

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High Range Water Reducers (HRWR)

EvoTek 2000 | Product Data Sheet
EvoTek 3000 | Product Data Sheet
EvoTek 3015 | Product Data Sheet
EvoTek 4000 | Product Data Sheet
EvoTek 5000 | Product Data Sheet
EvoTek 7000 | Product Data Sheet
EvoTek 7015 | Product Data Sheet

Mid-Range Water Reducers (MRWR)
NexCrete 1200 | Product Data Sheet
NexCrete 1210 | Product Data Sheet
Nexcrete 1310 | Product Data Sheet
Nexcrete 1410 | Product Data Sheet
Nexcrete 1610 | Product Data Sheet
Nexcrete 1710 | Product Data Sheet

Normal Range Water Reducers
FloTek 1240 | Product Data Sheet
FloTek 1225 | Product Data Sheet

Air Entrainers
A-Train VR | Product Data Sheet
A-Train PR | Product Data Sheet

Set Retarders/Hydration Control
SYAD 75 | Product Data Sheet
SYAD 40 | Product Data Sheet
HydraStop | Product Data Sheet

AdvanSet | Product Data Sheet
AdvanSet NC (Non-Chloride) | Product Data Sheet

Rheology Control
Slump Retain 240 | Product Data Sheet

Powdered Admixtures
HydraStop P | Product Data Sheet
EvoTek 2010 P | Product Data Sheet
D-Train P | Product Data Sheet
FloFill P | Product Data Sheet

Performance Fibers
PE 200 Fibers | Product Data Sheet
N 200 Fiber | Product Data Sheet
F Macro Fiber | Product Data Sheet
M Macro Fiber | Product Data Sheet


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