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Responsive Expertise in High Performance Oilfield Chemicals
Riteks Oilfield Solutions offers high performance chemicals and toll blending capabilities for oil and gas service companies and industry suppliers. We work with your technical operations and engineering teams to develop custom, specialized chemical blends to aid in oil and gas drilling, cementing, stimulation, fracturing, and production. Our innovations extend into advanced additives for proppant coatings and composites for technical improvements in the life of the well.

Competitive, Value-Added Products, Direct From Us
In addition to developing one-of-a-kind oilfield chemical solutions, we also offer an extensive portfolio of chemicals and additives directly to industry suppliers and service companies at very advantageous prices. Our volume purchasing power and decades-long relationships with key raw material suppliers ensures you both top-notch products & significant savings.

Just as important, our technical sales consultants work closely with your technical team to assure that your customers are getting the right product for their applications.

Fast Turnarounds, Prompt Deliveries, & Comprehensive Inventory Services
We’ve streamlined all of our processes, using vetted raw material sources, in-house test labs, state-of-the-art mixing and packaging equipment, optimized shipping, and complete inventory stocking services.
We are proud to provide fast production turnarounds, prompt deliveries, and exceptional technical service expertise.

In-House Lab Analyses
Our specialized, in-house lab allows us to quickly and efficiently test both incoming chemical components as well as your finished, blended products. So you can be certain we’ll deliver products to your exacting specifications.

Custom Manufacturing, Blending and Packaging
For more than 25 years, Riteks has been providing highly technical custom chemical blending solutions to a wide range of demanding industries.

  • ISO 9001:2008 state-of-the-art facility
  • Qualify and warehouse your raw materials
  • Formulate and blend materials to your exacting specifications
  • Batch testing and retains using our on-site quality control lab
  • Containerize your formulations
  • Inventory and warehouse your finished goods
  • Ship directly to your worksite or your customers, both nationally and internationally, using best shipping practices

Find Out How We Can Optimize Your Oilfield Solutions
Call or email us the specific product challenges you face. We guarantee that our technical sales consultants will expand your options for oil and gas productivity.


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