With over 20 years’ experience in contract manufacturing and filling we can offer assistance to significantly reduce manufacturing, packaging and freight costs. We offer a full range of liquid and dry fill contract packaging solutions from complete turn-key to customized services.

Riteks is capable of efficiently filling production or sample orders ranging from one to unlimited quantities while offering exceptional personalized services. Our manufacturing adaptability allows us to meet on-demand orders with an emphasis on product quality, service and delivery.

Riteks is ISO 9001:2008 certified to the 2008 standards and is the preferred source for several customers that require specific packaging criteria for national and international distribution. Customers can depend on Riteks for technical support, manufacturing excellence, inventory management and freight optimization.

  • Unique chemistry blends, both standard and private label.
  • A Full range of liquid and dry fill contract packaging solutions
  • Variable-speed, high-torque mixers
  • High shear and low shear capabilities
  • Low-viscosity to high viscosity formulations
  • Specialized mixing capabilities
  • Dedicated manufacturing lines to meet your demands
  • Filling capabilities for a wide range of thin to viscous liquids in a variety of sizes
  • Packaging options such as plastic, glass or metal containers
  • Dry powder filling/bagging - Sizes from syringes to totes
  • Specialized solutions such as canning options
  • Customized options for hard to fill liquids, gels and pastes
  • On-site testing lab
  • Thorough product analysis
  • Customized report criteria and quality control data
  • Packaging designs: Retail and industrial package capabilities
  • Multi product assembly, collation and “kit” assembly
  • Sequential labeling, UPC of packaged units
  • Encoding, induction sealing, and hot/cold glue capabilities
  • Designs and labeling to comply with State and Federal laws
  • Shipping staff is trained and certified in a variety of shipping
  • Shipping direct to your customers or to your distribution centers
  • DOT/ IATA/ GHS Labeling
  • Container Shipments/ International shipping availability
  • Supply delivery confirmation/ tracking numbers


Toll free: 866-288-5121
Ph: 972-529-1118

Riteks, Inc
415 Interchange Street
McKinney, TX 75071


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Toll free: 866-288-5121
Ph: 972-529-1118
415 Interchange Street
McKinney, TX 75071

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