January 18,2024

For many years, coal tar epoxy dominated the market for splash zone coatings, despite being a known carcinogen and a detriment to the environment. Why? Because it was seemingly inexpensive, had few viable alternatives, and worked, at least for a few years.  In 2016, the maritime coatings game changed for the better with the release of a revolutionary new coating, ForSField TZ-904. 

What Brought About TZ-904?

Back in 2003, the United States Navy expressed interest in a coating with sulfur-backbone technology, to replace the carcinogenic and environmentally damaging coal tar expoxies used in splash zones. In response, Chevron Phillips contracted with a development company based in California, and these two organizations worked together to develop a better coating for marine use. At the beginning of 2016, their 10-year development study ended successfully, with the Navy and Department of Defense approving the ForSField TZ-904 coating under the Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS). Additionally, the coating exceeded the Corporation of Engineers’ C-200, C-200a specifications. Chevron Phillips and their partner had successfully formulated, tested, and perfected a coal tar-free coating to be used in splash zones. When the Navy started utilizing TZ-904, they found that it was more durable than coal tar epoxies, allowing them to extend maintenance intervals by years. This resulted in huge yearly savings of approximately $10 million in fleet and facility maintenance for the Navy. Thuse, while coal tar expoxy was first considered to be the cheaper option, it was quickly discovered that TZ-904 was more cost-effective, in addition to its already-known environmentally-friendly profile and non-carcinogenic makeup. 

An Overview of TZ-904

Although this product started out as a solution designed for the United States Military, TZ-904 is now available for for use in private companies. TZ-904 is a polysulfide novolac epoxy coating, which features zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), a convenient 1:1 volumetric ratio, and a high-build capability of 30 mils. It’s designed to provide superior corrosion protection for steel structures in marine environments. TZ-904 doesn’t compromise flexibility for strength, as in addition to being sag resistant and having a forward impact resistance of 70 in-Ib, this coating is known for its flexibility and crack resistance.  Here is a breakdown of how TZ-904 performs compared to similar competitor coatings. The salt fog resistance (4,000 hours) of TZ-904 is 3.6 mm, compared to 11.6 mm, 3.6 mm, and 9.3 mm as seen in competitor coatings. For the adhesion to steel measurement, TZ-904 boasts 3,200 psi, as opposed to 2,370 psi, 1,830 psi, and 1,610 psi seen in the aforementioned competitor coatings. The cathodic disbondment for TZ-904 is 0.13 in2, while others have 0.24 in2, 0.03 in2, and 0.24 in2 The applications for this coating are many. As mentioned previously, TZ-904 can be used in splash zones, both freshwater and saltwater, but that’s not where its usefulness ends. It can also be used for offloading docks, off-shore environments, and sheet piling for regular maintenance, existing structures, and new construction. This coating can easily be applied to both flat surfaces and edges with excellent performance, longevity, and durability. To apply the coating, we recommend using a plural component spray system. 

The Entire ForSField Product Line

In addition to the TZ-904 coating, the ForSField product line also contains SG-11 and G-121. The SG-11 is a two-part epoxy coating designed to be used as an industrial anti-corrosive coating. Like the TZ-904, this coating is applied using a plural component spray system. The main difference between the SG-11 and G-121 coatings is that the G-121 should be applied using a brush, as opposed to a spray system. The entire ForSField product line is designed to provide your company with the durable, environmentally responsible coatings you need to keep your structures and machinery sturdy for years to come. The incredible longevity of these coatings will help you save money and spend less time performing routine and non-routine repairs and maintenance. 

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