Low Temperature Activator – Low Temperature Frac Fluid Breaker

Low Temperature Activators work in combination with the non-Hazardous Peroxide breakers to provide a predictable & controlled break, by reducing the working temperature range down to 165°F (73.9°C). This system has no effect on fluid viscosity during the pumping phase and can be tailored to affect the length of the break profile.

Peroxide Breakers – Frac Fluid Breaker

Non-hazardous, non-DOT regulated liquid peroxide breakers that provide predictable, controllable breaks at temperatures from 190-250°F (87.8-121.1°C) with crosslinked and FR fluids. These breakers offer service companies a safer experience with increased ease of pumping, all while increasing functionality, predictability, and control over a key temperature range. Because of the breaking mechanism of the free radical, rebound/reheal effect is much less of an issue with crosslinked fluids.