RadiLift Acrylic Fiber – Hole-Cleaning Fiber

RadiLift Acrylic Fiber – Hole-Cleaning Fiber

Next Generation Sweeping Agent used as a hole-cleaning agent, designed to cost effectively increase the carrying capacity of drilling fluids, in both vertical and horizontal wells, without significantly altering rheological properties. RadiLift is composed of synthetic fibers, which are stable at higher temperature applications, non-corrosive and chemically inert.

Solubond Fibers – Acid Soluble Lost Circulation Fibers

Solubond Fibers are an Innovative fiber technology that functions as an acid soluble Lost Circulation Material (LCM) and sweep material for drilling. These fibers have been manufactured to offer increased circulation by bridging and plugging off voids, fractures, and all types of permeable formations. Solubond Fibers are compatible with all oil and water based muds and emulsions, completion fluids, as well as fracturing fluid applications. These fibers are inert to drilling fluids and cement, noncorrosive to equipment, while maintaining high-solubility in diluted hydrochloric acid (HCl) & formic acid (HF).

Magnesite 33 – Acid Soluble Weighting Agent

Magnesite 33 is a magnesium carbonate powder ground from naturally-occurring magnesite ore that offers positive results as an acid-soluble weighting agent and pH buffer in drilling fluids.

RadiLift Acrylic Fiber – Lost Circulation Fiber

Next generation fiber technology proven to effectively seal formation fractures improving fluid loss, loss of circulation, and return to surface properties in fluids. It offers dramatic improvements for areas of lost circulation in porous formations, by bridging gaps as well as aiding in support/suspension of the fluids designs, and utilizes a high aspect ratio and fibers count to seal the formation. The interlocking nature of these strong fibers provides a framework for forming a low permeable mud cake with a resultant reduction in drilling fluid loss and hole caving.