Riteks ES-2000

Riteks ES-2000

ES-2000 is specially formulated for cost efficient production of concrete masonry and pipe units. It has the ability to aid in the dispersion of cement particles to promote better early strengths. Masonry and pipe units manufactured using ES-2000 have a better appearance (medium to heavy swipe depending on materials) and are less abrasive on mold equipment.

Riteks VMA-42

Riteks VMA 42 is a viscosity modifying admixture designed to enable the production of self-compacting concrete. When added to the mix, concrete treated with Riteks VMA 42 is more stable and resistant to segregation.

Slump Retain 240

Riteks Slump Retain 240 is a revolutionary new technology based on significant advances in the admixture industry. When used as part of an admixture system, it provides slump retention without retardation. Slump Retain 240 gives the concrete producer the ability to immediately create the ideal admixture system for fluctuating regional raw materials, environmental conditions and project requirements.