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Cementing Technologies

Oil and gas operations need cementing solutions they can trust, as they prepare wells for more rigorous drilling, production, or abandonment. Our oilfield technologies address challenges related to lost circulation control, fluid loss, and gas migration control, as well as providing workable solutions with dispersants, retarders, and strength development.

Riteks offers an extensive range of polymers, strength enhancers, fillers, and particles, in addition to specialty products to enhance the life of the well. Our most popular products for oilfield service providers include Riteks MS Spacer and RadiLock 3mm fiber.

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Drilling Fluids Technologies

Oilfield drilling fluid providers rely on Riteks for solutions as they need to drill wells faster, deeper, longer, and in more challenging situations. Drilling fluids technologies must address oilfield challenges related to controlling pressure, stabilizing exposed rock, and providing buoyancy, cooling, and lubricating.

The Riteks lineup of drilling fluids solutions includes fibers, suspension, clay control, and biocides. We stock polymers, suspension and rheology chemicals, surface modifiers, fillers and particles, and specialty cements and membrane sealing solutions to aid in preventing losses. Among our most popular products is our RadiLift 6mm fiber.

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Fracturing & Stimulation

As hydraulic fracturing has proliferated as an alternative to traditional completion methods, Riteks has risen to the industry challenge with an array of products to assist service providers and operators in stimulating wells for greater success. Operators must address challenges related to the different formations, temperatures, & needs within each region.

Our portfolio of fracturing technologies includes polymers, crosslinkers, breaker technology, and specialty products like chemical diverters and chelating agents.

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Production Technologies

With the rise of exploration, with particular regard to fracturing worldwide, oil and gas companies need to address specific challenges and have the right oilfield chemicals at their disposal from services partners. Specifically, companies must reduce friction and control the formation of scale, in addition to controlling clay formation and bacteria proliferation.

With our family of products that give service companies & operators a greater control of these and other factors that can drive the success of both producing and new wells.

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Chemical Contract Manufacturing

For more than 30 years, Riteks has delivered toll blended solutions for the most demanding industries worldwide, including oilfield chemicals. With certified, state-of-the-art facilities in Texas, we formulate and blend materials to your exact specifications, with batch testing and retains on-site with our quality control lab. We handle everything—from formulation and blending to packaging, warehousing, and shipping, both domestically and internationally.  Riteks is ready to meet the unique challenges you face, helping you maintain a competitive edge in oil and gas exploration and drilling.