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Since our customers are comprised of manufacturers and distributors that promote products into multiple end uses, including oilfield chemicals, petrochemicals, coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers, our chemical manufacturing services span a wide range of industries in application. Versus our toll blending competitors, Riteks custom chemical manufacturing solutions are truly turnkey—we source, manufacture, package, warehouse, and ship product via our flexible operation that can meet any and all of the above needs.

Companies decide to outsource their chemical manufacturing for a variety of reasons. While some may have the ability to manufacture small amounts of a product, the infrastructure investment required to hit orders of scale is often cost- and time-prohibitive. Others may want to contract more hazardous chemical formulations for safety reasons. Another key factor is the compliance and licensure requirements required for many formulating needs. 

We’ve built our reputation through our unwavering commitment to several principles as we focus on industries like oil & gas, construction, coatings, adhesives, and sealants. At Riteks, we solve real problems related to consistency, scale, or business model. We deliver a quality product that performs, every time. Our service, tailored to the specific needs of the industries we serve, is truly elite, from optimizing designs to meeting timelines, respecting intellectual property concerns, and meeting packaging and shipping demands unique to each customer.

Elite chemical manufacturing has been a hallmark of Riteks since our founding in 1989. To be the best, partner with the best–Riteks is ready to serve your company helping you optimize current products and develop tomorrow’s marketplace winners.


Our customers know they can trust our elite design and mixing capabilities, as well as our distribution expertise. Some of them have been doing business with us since 1989! Our combination of chemical know-how, logistics acumen, and buying power in the contract chemical manufacturing arena delivers solutions and technologies that are consistent, of the highest quality, and cost-effective versus in-house production.

We have great flexibility in our custom chemical manufacturing services unit. Our experienced team can run test batches for tote, bottle, or drum sizes. We pride ourselves on consistency. Custom is our business, and we are comfortable working on a design from scratch or optimizing your blend to rectify deficiencies. 

Our customers place their trust in a team that’s spent 30 years setting the standard in toll blending. Riteks designs, manufactures, packages, labels, and ships your solution where you need it, when you need it.  With Riteks, you get the best formulations, excellent service, safe storage, and optimized logistics. 

If you have designs and product ideas and need an elite partner to deliver them to the market, Riteks is ready.


For customers in a wide range of industries looking to execute on specialty chemical designs, Riteks is ready with one of the truly elite contract chemical manufacturing platforms found anywhere in the world.  Customers look to Riteks for long-term strategic contracts or to fill short-term capacity needs. With our commitment to ongoing infrastructure investments and the most talented team in custom chemical manufacturing, Riteks is the partner of choice for companies looking for top quality and a cost-effective approach to outsourcing. 

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas, opened in January 2019, is living proof of the Riteks commitment to invest in the best people, equipment, and facilities to meet the needs of customers working in multiple industries, including:

  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Construction
  • Coatings
  • Adhesives
  • Sealants
  • And much more


Our 36,000 square foot building runs a system for continuous ventilation and is H3-rated for handling challenging chemicals such as corrosives, flammables, and isocyanates.

Specialized mixing and manufacturing capabilities at Riteks include high and low-shear blending equipment; variable-speed, high-torque mixers; product mixing with batch temperature control; bulk chemical blending and storage; industry-specific blending.

The Riteks chemical manufacturing equipment arsenal is highly specialized to meet needs for scope—1200-gallon capacity down to single-drum needs—as well as for extremes in viscosity and a broad range of PH values. highly specialized equipment is built for elite mixing capabilities.

Companies looking for elite chemical manufacturing, chemical tolling, formulating, processing, packaging, shipping, and laboratory services know that one name stands above the crowd–Riteks. We can help your business grow and do so efficiently, safely, and with uncompromising quality with all of your chemical manufacturing needs.


Customers often come to Riteks looking for a toll manufacturing partner for redesigned chemicals that have failed to penetrate the marketplace in their original form. Many of our customers have design capabilities but lack manufacturing infrastructure, while others have exceeded their manufacturing capabilities and work with Riteks to expand their operations. Regardless of your situation, let our investments in specialized mixing equipment work for you.

We have the flexibility and capacity to work closely with our customers as they scale commercialization of new products, starting with small batch sizes and growing to larger runs. Our technical consultants will work with you to customize your toll manufacturing process to your exact specifications. We will design your packaging and optimize the logistics of shipping your chemicals worldwide. We offer packaging design for industrial applications, powder and liquid formulations, with sequential and labeling and UPC coding.

When you partner with a chemical manufacturer you can trust, your risk becomes our challenge, one that we meet every single day for our customers worldwide. Whether you’re looking to optimize a blend that’s failing in the market, create small test batches of a new design, or looking for a safe, long-term solution for a hazardous solution, Riteks is your partner of choice. We stake our 30 years in business, along with hundreds of orders filled, on getting the job done right every time. 

With our ownership mentality, we take responsibility and accountability for the performance of your product blends. Get it right, every time, with Riteks.


Our world-class manufacturing facilities and processes meet the most rigorous ongoing standards for regulatory and safety concerns, with all ISO and domestic standards compliance with updated guidelines and regulations.  For those who need a combination of industry know-how and responsive, attentive support, along with a true turnkey solution, Riteks is the toll manufacturer of choice for more than 30 years.

Year after year, we make the necessary investments in training, quality control, research and development, facilities and equipment, and regulatory compliance, showing our commitment to be the best chemical manufacturing company for our customers, achieving their business goals, helping them streamline operations, meet safety requirements, and better focus on their core business operations. 

Our dedicated team of chemists, engineers, and technical consultants leverage state-of-the-art facilities and manufacturing processes that meet or exceed international and domestic standards for chemical manufacturing. At Riteks, we are ready to help you safely and securely optimize your blends  and quickly move product through your distribution chain.


Our customers know they can trust our elite design and mixing capabilities, as well as our distribution expertise.



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