Regulatory, Safety, & Compliance

Certified for Quality and Safety

Riteks operates to the very highest standards of the chemical manufacturing industry, maintaining ISO certification (ISO 9001:2015), as well as certification according to responsible distribution standards set by the Alliance for Chemical Distribution (ACD).


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Currently, Riteks maintains a rigorous compliance program, meeting or exceeding all standards for chemical manufacturing and distribution for a host of government agencies. As an active member of the ACD, Riteks adheres to the following Responsible Distribution Guiding Principles as part of its ongoing certification and compliance with these standards:

As part of these efforts, our safety team meets regularly to evaluate our processes and environmental impact, looking for both continuous improvement opportunities and current risks to mitigate. Furthermore, we advocate for safe use and handling of all materials in accordance with federal, state and local regulations from cradle to grave, both upstream and downstream from Riteks in the supply and distribution chains.

Within these frameworks, Riteks continues to develop innovative, high-performance products for extreme conditions and demands across industries ranging from oilfields and construction to the application of coatings, sealants, and adhesives.