Applications for Quick-Cure Coatings

March 13,2024

Around the world, many markets utilize quick-cure coatings cured by ultraviolet light. We see these coatings used in industries ranging from pipe and tubing to automotive. When you have an application that requires a quick turn without the slowdown of waiting for a coating to dry, turn to UV coatings from Riteks. We stock multiple quick-cure coating options from leading manufacturers, and our custom manufacturing team can develop an offering that meets your exact specifications.


An Old Technology with New Applications

While we’ve seen UV coatings used for glossy magazine and brochure applications for decades, we now see them used in a variety of market settings. UV coatings represent a stunning technology in the larger world of paint and coatings, since they can provide a near-instant cure with the use of high-powered UV lamps.

Quick-cure coatings compare favorably with their powder-coat counterparts, in terms of performance, cost, and speed to cure. These coatings are 100 percent solid by volume, and they are virtually free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harsh on the environment. The world of quick-cure coatings is composed of resins ranging from acrylates and epoxies to polyester and polyurethane, and formulators will select the base resin to meet requirements for qualities like abrasion and impact resistance, hardness, flexibility and durability, and water, chemical, UV, and corrosion resistance. 

The solvent or water mixed with the base resin lowers the binder’s viscosity to allow substrate application, evaporating to form a paint film. Formulators may also add pigments that provide color and gloss control. Other additives can include catalysts, defoamers, flow-control agents, storage stabilizers, dispersants, and rust inhibitors.


Speed–the Competitive Edge

Many industries like automotive use quick-cure coatings to give their products  a competitive edge in reducing time to market. OEM manufacturers will use UV lamps to quick-dry coatings on parts, so they can immediately package them for shipment. With what’s basically an instant cure with easy-to-use UV lamps, quick-cure coatings eliminate down time, the enemy of efficient manufacturing.

World-class manufacturing is, in fact, defined by shorter cure times, the ability to automate as many processes as possible, and the reduction of lead time, waste, and errors, founded on just-in-time inventory principles.


Benefits of Riteks Quick-Cure Coatings

At Riteks, we believe you should have options for UV coatings that meet your specific applications, whether it’s an off-the-shelf offering from a leading global manufacturer or a custom option from our veteran production team. Our coatings are safe for the environment, offer faster cure times, and deliver elite performance at competitive price points. 

Do you have a project that requires a high-performance, quick-cure coating? Riteks is ready to help. Contact us today to get started.