Riteks RFL-9 – Dispersing Fluid Loss Additive

Riteks RFL-9 is a dispersing and retarding fluid loss additive for all API classes of cement. Riteks RFL-9 is an effective fluid loss additive in primary, remedial, and squeeze cementing, and can be used in bottom hole circulating temperatures (BHCT’s) between 60° and 300°F (15.5°and 149°C).

Riteks RFL-70X – Powdered Latex Fluid Loss Additive

RFL-70X is a cementing additive that controls flow and fluid loss properties at bottom-hole circulating temperatures up to 210°F (99°C). Typical loading levels of up to 1 percent is normally sufficient at temperatures between 75°F and 200°F (24°C to 93°C) to help reduce fluid loss to 50cc. At temperatures up to 350°F (177°C), this additive can also provide free water control, chemical resistance, shear bonding properties, and thermal shock reduction.

Riteks RFL-4 – Viscosifying Fluid Loss Additive

Riteks RFL-4 is a specially designed Fluid Loss Additive that provides consistent results, viscosity, water retention, and suspension. Riteks RFL-4 is typically used in Lead Cements under 13 ppg and helps to maintain rheological hierarchy in thin lightweight cement slurries.

Riteks RFL-1 – Non-Retarding Low Temperature Fluid Loss Additive

Riteks RFL-1 is a non-retarding low temperature fluid loss / gas migration additive designed to decrease the permeability of a cement slurry while increasing the overall durability and flexibility of the system. This additive is highly effective at exceptionally low loadings and works particularly well in lower temperature applications and small grind cements.