Riteks RCR-200 – Drilling Fluid Deflocculant / Dispersant

Riteks RCR-200 is an environmentally friendly deflocculant / dispersant that is used to control thermal gelation while stabilizing rheological properties in water based fluids. It is effective over broad pH ranges and mud types and particularly efficient in lowering PV's in high temperature, high density fluids with bottom-hole circulating temperatures (BHCTs) up to 220°F (104.4°C) and can withstand static temperatures up to 260°F (126.7°C).

Riteks RCR-800 – Non-Lignin Cement Retarder

Riteks RCR-800 is a non-lignin cement retarder capable of retarding cement at temperatures between 80 - 220°F (20 - 105°C). This material is non-dispersing and is compatible in a wide range of additive combinations in API cements.