RiSeal Spacer 1000 – Low ECD Sealing Spacer

Riteks RiSeal Spacer 1000 is a next-generation, low ECD-combatting spacer with superior hole-cleaning capabilities, lower rheologies, and formation sealing characteristics. RiSeal Spacer 1000 exhibits superior performance in preventing lost circulation while cementing & allows for a reduction to non-productive time (NPT), while also being easy-to-handle, quick hydrating, and tailored to reduce the permeability of pores and fractures. This sealing spacer system also boasts temperature stability up to 300°F (149°C).

Riteks MS Spacer – Tunable Membrane Sealing Spacer

Riteks MS Spacer is a customizable spacer that is applicable in Remedial, Primary, and Loss Circulation situations. Riteks MS Spacer system is used to help mitigate lost circulation issues while cementing by minimizing induced losses & filtrate invasion and damage. Riteks MS Spacer also offers dual functionality as a yield point (YP) modifying tunable spacer to effectively clean the hole. MS Spacer creates a low permeability membrane across the well’s formations that penetrate micro-fractures to mitigate cement leak off and increases the ability to place cement jobs.

Riteks RSP-4D – Dry Surfactant Package

Riteks RSP-4D is a powdered surfactant for use in cement spacers, chemical washes, and drilling fluids. This product provides water wetting tendencies to enhance the cleanout of oil substrates through an ultra-low interfacial tension, helps leave the pipe and formation in a water-wet condition, and is applicable over a wide temperature range. It was developed to improve the efficiencies in dosing and to allow a true ‘on-the-fly’ spacer or chemical wash system, in combination with Riteks MS Spacer. Riteks RSP-4D surfactant acts as a degreaser, provides water wetting properties, promotes cement bonding, and helps to assure rheological compatibility in between oil-based (OBM) or synthetic-based (SBM) muds and the spacer.