Benefits of Custom Oilfield Chemical Manufacturing

March 13,2024

For more than 30 years, Riteks has been a leader in custom chemical manufacturing for multiple industry sectors. From our operations in Texas, we have built a record of excellence in manufacturing for the oil and natural gas industry, rising to the challenges presented by challenging environments and evolving drilling technologies.

We serve the oil and gas industry with a combination of our own product offerings, developed by a technical team with deep industry expertise, as well as formidable custom manufacturing capabilities that we’ve applied to select industries for three decades. Riteks engages some of the largest, most reputable companies in the industry to meet their custom oilfield chemical manufacturing needs. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that manufacturers of all sizes enjoy the advantages of working with Riteks for custom oilfield manufacturing.


Often, companies are looking to bring new blends to market as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. When specialty equipment and finding the space to create a new production line is involved, costs can skyrocket quickly, making a good return on investment elusive.

Whether it’s a full production run or to increase current manufacturing capacity to fit the needs of a particular customer, it often makes more sense for oilfield chemical companies to choose a contract chemical manufacturer like Riteks to get the job done right–controlling costs and quality along the way. To maximize ROI, it’s important to find turnkey solutions that make sense, from optimizing designs to mixing batches, packaging, and logistics.

When you hire a contract oilfield chemical manufacturing firm like Riteks, you can streamline custom chemical production at virtually every stage of the process.


Many large chemical companies produce a wide variety of chemicals for multiple industries. At Riteks, we focus on just a few industries, including oil and natural gas. Why is that an advantage? In addition to developing deeper expertise in areas like oilfield, construction, and the CASE market, we are able to concentrate our purchasing power in these areas. Obviously, our ability to bring down the cost of raw material acquisition translates into a better value proposition for our customers.

Also, when companies partner with custom oilfield chemical manufacturers offering turnkey solutions, they can also store both raw materials and finished products prior to blending or shipping. This advantage limits freight costs across the board and also frees up space for the customer company’s larger operations.


Completing the turnkey operations equation is packaging and optimized logistics. Much in the way companies like Riteks offer a procurement advantage, they can also streamline packaging and better optimize logistics by focusing on the unique industry needs for oil and gas.

We can meet virtually every need for custom packaging and labeling, whether its the need for small packaging or bulk quantities. Using our global logistics network also helps our customers deliver on better ROI, as we maintain relationships with global carriers and pass along the savings.


While we’ve been a leader in customer chemical manufacturing for oilfield applications and other industries like CASE and concrete for 25+ years, we’ve recently doubled down on our investment in this industry leadership.

In 2019, we expanded our operations into a sparkling new 36,000-square-foot custom manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. The new facility features a system for continuous ventilation and is H3-rated for handling challenging chemicals such as corrosives, flammables, and isocyanates. We operate to the highest standards of specialized mixing and manufacturing capabilities, with high and low-shear blending equipment; variable-speed, high-torque mixers; product mixing with batch temperature control; bulk chemical blending and storage; and, of course, industry-specific blending.

In short, it’s a facility worthy of a custom chemical manufacturing team with industry expertise developed over decades.

For more information on how Riteks can meet your customer oilfield chemical manufacturing needs, contact us today.