Riteks CSE-6 – High-Quality Pozzolanic Additive for Cement

Riteks CSE-6 – High-Quality Pozzolanic Additive for Cement

Riteks CSE-6 is high-reactivity metakaolin pozzolan produced by thermal activation of high purity kaolin clay within a specific temperature range that meets or exceeds all of the specifications of ASTM C-618 Class N pozzolans.  Riteks CSE-6 reacts with free lime produced during hydration of cement and produces additional cementitious material. Unlike other pozzolanic materials, CSE-6 was developed to maintain high reactivity, ultrafine particle size distribution and product consistency.

Riteks RCR-201 – Linear, Low – Mid Temperature Retarder

Riteks RCR-201 is very linear lignosulfonate blend cement retarder that can be used to retard all API classes of cement as well as Pozz-Cement. RCR-201 retarder is effective in wells with bottom-hole circulating temperatures (BHCTs) up to 220°F (104.4°C). It can also withstand static temperatures up to 260°F (126.7°C). RCR-201 is particularly useful in cements containing high gel percentages, and increased concentrations of RCR-201 enhance the predictability of cement thickening times.

RiSeal Spacer 1000 – Low ECD Sealing Spacer

Riteks RiSeal Spacer 1000 is a next-generation, low ECD-combatting spacer with superior hole-cleaning capabilities, lower rheologies, and formation sealing characteristics. RiSeal Spacer 1000 exhibits superior performance in preventing lost circulation while cementing & allows for a reduction to non-productive time (NPT), while also being easy-to-handle, quick hydrating, and tailored to reduce the permeability of pores and fractures. This sealing spacer system also boasts temperature stability up to 300°F (149°C).

Riteks MS Spacer – Tunable Membrane Sealing Spacer

Riteks MS Spacer is a customizable spacer that is applicable in Remedial, Primary, and Loss Circulation situations. Riteks MS Spacer system is used to help mitigate lost circulation issues while cementing by minimizing induced losses & filtrate invasion and damage. Riteks MS Spacer also offers dual functionality as a yield point (YP) modifying tunable spacer to effectively clean the hole. MS Spacer creates a low permeability membrane across the well’s formations that penetrate micro-fractures to mitigate cement leak off and increases the ability to place cement jobs.

Riteks RSP-4D – Dry Surfactant Package

Riteks RSP-4D is a powdered surfactant for use in cement spacers, chemical washes, and drilling fluids. This product provides water wetting tendencies to enhance the cleanout of oil substrates through an ultra-low interfacial tension, helps leave the pipe and formation in a water-wet condition, and is applicable over a wide temperature range. It was developed to improve the efficiencies in dosing and to allow a true ‘on-the-fly’ spacer or chemical wash system, in combination with Riteks MS Spacer. Riteks RSP-4D surfactant acts as a degreaser, provides water wetting properties, promotes cement bonding, and helps to assure rheological compatibility in between oil-based (OBM) or synthetic-based (SBM) muds and the spacer.

Riteks Rebound SSA – Self-Sealing Cement Additive

Riteks Rebound SSA is a hydrophilic crystalline admixture used to create self-healing cement for down-hole applications. Rebound SSA helps in preventing micro annuli issues in cement that are a constant problem. Rebound SSA allows for an improvement in long term zonal isolation to prevent costly production loss and expensive remedial costs. Rebound SSA provides a reduction in the permeability of cement by stopping the transmission of water & gas through cement failures.

Riteks RFL-9 – Dispersing Fluid Loss Additive

Riteks RFL-9 is a dispersing and retarding fluid loss additive for all API classes of cement. Riteks RFL-9 is an effective fluid loss additive in primary, remedial, and squeeze cementing, and can be used in bottom hole circulating temperatures (BHCT’s) between 60° and 300°F (15.5°and 149°C).

Riteks MCA-1 – Multipurpose Cement Additive

Riteks MCA-1 is a multipurpose cement additive that offers one additive to help with multiple slurry properties. Riteks MCA-1 provides a number of benefits and improvements to slurry designs that include free water control, enhanced fluid loss, increased early compression strengths, added viscosity, shortened thickening times and static gel strength transition times, and prevents fallback from occurring.

Riteks WC-360 – High Performance Organic Coagulant

WC 360 is a specialized organic coagulant blend designed to provide effective contaminant removal across a wide variety of waste streams. This product has proven results in clarifying oily industrial wastewater and oilfield wastewaters such as fouled produced, drilling, and flow-back fluids.

Riteks SC-607 – Calcium Carbonate Scale Inhibitors

SC-607 scale inhibitor was developed to function as a Calcium Carbonate and Barium Sulphate scale inhibitor for use in oilfield applications where produced water is being recycled. A unique blend of additives has been formulated to achieve “best in class” performance in the presence of high Iron levels and TDS conditions. Stability in temperatures up to 400ºF is also afforded.