Riteks LSP-2000

LSP-2000 is a highly concentrated plasticizer that is designed for use in low slump concrete pipe and hollow core production. LSP-2000 is formulated to produce a web on the concrete pipe that has a very smooth texture. LSP-2000 can be used in the production of other low slump concrete products (concrete block and roof tile) to achieve a medium to heavy swipe. LSP-2000 is a ready to use liquid that improves workability while maintaining cohesiveness and achieves fuller hydration rates of the cement in low slump concrete mixes.


WATERPEL-S is a unique multi-component, liquid water repellant admixture based on a new technology that exhibits superior performance versus conventional water repellents. WATERPEL-S provides long-lasting resistance to water penetration by reacting to form a very effective water resistant network throughout manufactured concrete products. WATERPEL-S, when incorporated properly in concrete masonry units, will provide superior water repellency performance based on NCMA TEK 19, spray bar test and ASTM E514 wind driven rain test.

Riteks ES-2000

ES-2000 is specially formulated for cost efficient production of concrete masonry and pipe units. It has the ability to aid in the dispersion of cement particles to promote better early strengths. Masonry and pipe units manufactured using ES-2000 have a better appearance (medium to heavy swipe depending on materials) and are less abrasive on mold equipment.