FormTard 50

FormTard 50

FormTard 50 is a retarder for vertically exposed aggregate surfaces in concrete forms with nominal depth etch up to 1/4". FormTard 50 is a nonflammable, 100% V.O.C. free, paintable gel designed for easy application to vertical concrete forms.


Riteks HydraStop™ is a hydration stabilizer which helps maintain slump and proper set times of freshly produced concrete over extended haul times and increased ambient temperatures. Hydra-Stop is used to offset issues caused by extended haul times, excess drum revolutions or the effects of temperature and time. HydraStop is especially helpful in the summer months when hydration is accelerated due to higher ambient and mix temperatures. HydraStop aids in controlling concrete temperature when a maximum mix temperature is specified. Concrete performance properties are maintained while exceeding the requirements of ASTM, AASHTO and CRD specifications.


Riteks SYAD™40 is a set retarding water reducing multi-component admixture for concrete. It is designed to facilitate the placing and finishing of concrete while providing control over the set time. SYAD 40 improves pumpability of concrete and is especially beneficial during hot weather concreting operations when control of setting time and maintenance of placeable consistency are essential. SYAD 40 provides superior finishability on all flatwork and pre-cast surfaces.


Riteks SYAD™ 75 is a retarding admixture recommended for all concrete where extended setting characteristics, particularly in hot weather are desired. SYAD 75 delays time of set to accommodate long haul times, or facilitate placement and finishing during hot weather concreting.