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Water Reducers

Water reduction mainly affects the fresh properties of concrete, as water-reducing admixtures decrease the amount of water used by five to 12 percent, while maintaining certain levels of consistency. However, water reducers, when not calibrated properly may accelerate or retard initial setting time beyond specifications.

Proper water reduction is critical for any concrete mix design. Our EvoTek, NexCrete and FloTek product lines offer superior performance to any concrete application. For Ready Mix, Precast, Prestressed or GFRC, Riteks is the right choice.

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Accelerators are typically added to concrete just before or during mixing, In order to accelerate the initial set time of concrete, accelerators increase the rate of hydration of the mix. In addition, accelerators work to increase strength as the mix hardens more quickly.

When you’re facing shorter set time parameters, the Advanset series from Riteks is the right solution, whether you are facing cold temperatures, limited protection from elements, or less labor on the job. With Advanset accelerators, you can achieve accelerated setting times across a wide range of temperatures, as well as increased compressive and structural strengths. Our accelerators are ideal for virtually all types of precast and ready-mix applications.

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Set Retarders and Hydration Control

Set retarders do the opposite of their accelerator counterparts in the admixture world. Retarders slow the rate of the initial setting time of concrete, so that the mix can stay fresh for longer before reaching its hardened form after application. Retarders help to prevent cold joint formation, achieve special architectural finishes, and offset high temperatures.

As a Texas based company, we know a thing or two about heat. Whether you are faced with extreme climate challenges or long concrete hauls, Riteks has developed elite hydration and set control solutions for any concrete application.

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Air Entrainers

Air entrainers create intentional creation of tiny air bubbles of 10 to 500 micrometers in diameter in concrete. Typically, concrete companies add air entrainers along with surfactants to create the bubbles. The air bubbles are created during mixing of flowable concrete and survive the application to become a part of the permanent form.

The Riteks A-Train series of air entrainers introduces millions of uniformly sized and spaced air voids throughout the concrete mixture. Concrete containing these tiny, extremely stable air bubbles has been proven far more resistant to freezing-thaw, minimizes bleeding and segregation, and is made more resistant to de-icing salts, sulfate attack and corrosive water.

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Dry-Cast & Masonry Products

Rheology control admixtures modify the rheological properties of contract to enhance several performance attributes based on the type of application. These applications include low-slump, pervious, and underwater environments.

Riteks rheology technologies are performance-enhancing, productivity-improving admixtures for self-consolidating, low slump, underwater, and pervious concrete applications. Viscosity controllers offer elite workability and pumping while improving the look of the product and its finishability.

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Performance Fibers

Performance fiber additives are among the more recent and effective advancements in the concrete industry. These proactive solutions add tremendous strength for demanding applications, where cracks must be prevented and managed from destroying the integrity of the concrete structure.

Fiber additives have represented some of the more innovative developments in the construction industry in the last decade. At Riteks, our portfolio of products includes microfibers used to help structures withstand high wind and high sun exposure, which can create excess shrinking and cracking when left unaddressed. Our portfolio of macrofibers meet these same challenges at greater and more complex scopes, replacing older technologies like wire mesh and rebar. Fibers are the preferred choice to add strength, durability, and weatherability in most applications, as they offer a three-dimensional matrix of reinforcement across the structure, versus localized strength associated with wire and rebar.

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Waterproofing admixtures prevent water from penetrating concrete in its hardened form after application. These admixtures reduce porosity, thus preventing water from seeping in and diluting the specified strength of the concrete for a particular role. Waterproofers play a key role in helping concrete maintain its strength over the long haul.

For all of your concrete waterproofing solutions, Riteks is proud to represent the Kryton Smart Concrete® product line. Kryton takes the risk out of waterproofing. Only Kryton has proprietary Krystol crystalline technology that has unmatched waterproofing performance and history. In fact, Kryton invented and pioneered the Crystalline Admixture and is the only company with proven long term performance.