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The workhorse category of industrial performance coatings, epoxies are available to meet a vast array of applications for liners, primers, intermediate coats, and single-coat solutions.  Get the epoxies you need to optimize materials for corrosion resistance and chemical resistance in the most demanding indoor and outdoor environments. Riteks is ready with a comprehensive portfolio of products and custom manufacturing capabilities that will meet your business challenges.

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Many markets utilize quick-cure coatings catalyzed by ultraviolet light. UV coatings can be applied in industries as diverse as pipe and tube to automotive. These high-performance coatings feature reduced manufacturing footprint and high throughput. When you have an application that requires a quick turn without the slowdown of waiting for a coating to dry, turn to UV coatings from Riteks. We stand ready with portfolio technologies and custom solutions to meet your exact specifications.

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100% Solids

At Riteks, we have the specialty coatings to meet customer demands for unique challenges. Our 100% solids coatings help reduce hazardous air pollutants and volatile organic compounds in the coatings mix, creating a more environmentally friendly solution for everything from building exteriors to marine applications. Our portfolio products and custom manufacturing capabilities ensure that you’ll get the job done right with 100% solids rom Riteks.

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Riteks specializes in two forms of urethane: high-build solutions for single-coat application without runs or sags, as well as single-coat, direct-to-metal solutions. Since our founding 30 years ago, our offerings have comprised both portfolio and custom solutions for direct application and coats over epoxies. Our team is customizing multiple technologies in line with next-generation urethanes, such as nanotechnologies and superhydrophobic additives for greater weather resistance, shedding of water, and overall durability and performance.

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Specialty Solutions

Riteks blends waterborne coatings, such as elastomeric acrylics, for a variety of market applications. Waterborne coatings–whether from our current offerings or via custom solutions–are used as coatings for flooring, roofs, building exteriors, and other industrial and commercial construction settings.  As with their 100% solids counterparts, waterborne coatings from Riteks are environmentally friendly, eliminating and reducing the necessity of VOCs and HAPs, in the coatings formulation. For all of your waterborne coatings needs, Riteks is ready.

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Coatings Contract Manufacturing

For more than 30 years, Riteks has delivered toll blended solutions for the most demanding industries worldwide, including oilfield chemicals. With certified, state-of-the-art facilities in Texas, we formulate and blend materials to your exact specifications, with batch testing and retains on-site with our quality control lab. We handle everything—from formulation and blending to packaging, warehousing, and shipping, both domestically and internationally.  Riteks is ready to meet the unique challenges you face, helping you maintain a competitive edge in oil and gas exploration and drilling.