Riteks Coatings Bring Multiple Benefits to the Marine Industry

March 13,2024

Whether you’re the US Navy, with miles of waterfront steel and concrete assets, or the manager of a large barge and tug fleet, high-performance marine coatings make a big difference in your operations. 

Riteks is a leader in providing high-performance coatings to market for marine applications, from off-the-shelf options like ForSFieldTZ-904 to custom offerings designed to meet the most extreme environmental demands on the planet.


Meeting a Variety of Needs

Vessel maintenance and Splashzones alike require high-performance coatings that deliver from many angles. Many maritime businesses need a more environmentally-friendly solution that doesn’t sacrifice performance, as they sail away from toxic compounds like coal tar epoxies. Coal tar replacements like our ForSFieldTZ-904 are high-volume solids, featuring zero volatile organic compounds while still able to achieve high builds for performance and durability in corrosive marine environments.  

You can apply Riteks coatings to a variety of marine applications like barges, tugs, sheet pilings,, offshore vessels, offshore rigs, and any asset directly and indirectly affected by marine environments.


Uses for Marine Coatings

Marine coatings can be used for both protection and maintenance of vessels and structures, as they are designed to specifically combat corrosion in severe conditions, which often leads to costly repairs and unwanted downtime.

Riteks designs coatings to meet customized specifications for surfaces that are wet, continuously underwater, and often compromised by the presence of oil and other lubricants.


New Technologies in Marine Coatings

Riteks has developed advanced marine coatings through innovations aimed at better performance, higher return on investment, and are environmentally friendly.

Riteks’ marine coatings can now achieve a high build finish, which leaves a strong barrier that’s designed to reduce wear and tear over time. In addition, these same coatings only require a single coat application, which brings  your asset into service quicker and keeps them in service longer.. 

End users can truly have it all with Riteks’ marine coatings, which can be used in multiple environments, while reducing application costs associated with multi-coat systems while reducing downtime.Most importantly, Riteks’ marine coatings will offer the highest performance of protection along with the cost savings and time savings benefits. To get your options, from both off-the-shelf leaders like Forsfield TZ904 or even a custom application to meet your exact demands, contact our technical team at Riteks. 

No matter your challenge, we’re ready to help.