Riteks RCR-200 – Drilling Fluid Deflocculant / Dispersant

Riteks RCR-200 is an environmentally friendly deflocculant / dispersant that is used to control thermal gelation while stabilizing rheological properties in water based fluids. It is effective over broad pH ranges and mud types and particularly efficient in lowering PV's in high temperature, high density fluids with bottom-hole circulating temperatures (BHCTs) up to 220°F (104.4°C) and can withstand static temperatures up to 260°F (126.7°C).

Riteks FOV-4 – Multi-Modal LCM

FOV-4 is a multi-modal LCM that is made up of multiple particulates that are distributed to fill and close off a fracture’s matrix, flexible to conform to a fracture’s profile, and rigid and flaked to bridge off a fracture’s interface. The inorganic materials dynamically suspend in spacer and cement slurries alike to optimally flow through pump truck plumbing and casing floats. This material doesn’t appear to have any effect on Total Thickening Times and is a great “all in one bag” solution to help gain efficiency at the bulk plant. This product has shown to pair perfectly with cement slurries as well as MS Spacer or RiSeal Spacer.

Riteks FOI-4 – Particle Packing LCM

This material LCM product sports an assortment of different particle sized particulates that aid in plugging down hole fractures. The organic material draws deeply on particle packing to help clog up unwanted downhole chasms. FOI-4 is a robust and versatile LCM has the ability to free flow through bulk plants without clogging them even with concentrations up to 10 lb/bbl. It dynamically suspends in spacer and cement slurries alike to optimally flow through pump plumbing while headed downhole. This material has shown to retard CMT, but through Riteks slot testing efforts, it has shown to be the most efficient way to clog up a 3mm slot to date. This product has shown to pair perfectly with MS Spacer or RiSeal Spacer. 

Riteks FWC-1 – Free Water Control

Riteks FWC-1 is a crucial component in cement slurry design, as it plays a significant role in zonal isolation and overall cementing performance. FWC-1 restricts the occurrence of channeling, streaking, and ensures free fluid separation is not plausible. Additionally, FWC-1 adds viscosity to the cement slurry and improves displacement efficiency. This results in a more homogeneous and well-bonded cement sheath and reduces the risk of fluid communication between different zones. Moreover, while reducing free fluid to <1% or even 0%, FWC-1 also aids in reducing a slurry’s fluid loss number

Riteks SAV-1 – Multipurpose Cement Additive

Riteks SAV-1 is a specially formulated cement additive that promotes early compressive strengths and viscosity. Primary use is within slurries pumped on Surface & Intermediate intervals that desire quicker set times and further stability. Through this multi-purpose functionality, the slurry design can be simplified and made more predictable by having fewer cementing additives.

Riteks CSE-6 – High-Quality Pozzolanic Additive for Cement

Riteks CSE-6 is high-reactivity metakaolin pozzolan produced by thermal activation of high purity kaolin clay within a specific temperature range that meets or exceeds all of the specifications of ASTM C-618 Class N pozzolans.  Riteks CSE-6 reacts with free lime produced during hydration of cement and produces additional cementitious material. Unlike other pozzolanic materials, CSE-6 was developed to maintain high reactivity, ultrafine particle size distribution and product consistency.

Riteks RCR-150 – Low Temperature Retarder

Introducing a new low temperature Ligno sulfonate retarder for oilfield cementing, RCR-150.   This tried-and-true retarder offers exceptional control over the setting time of all grades of oilfield, and some construction grade cements, at low temperatures (< 220°F).  With its industry standard formulation, it effectively delays the hydration process, ensuring safe and optimal cement placement.  We invite you to discover why this formulation has gained so much popularity in our industry and see for yourself its exceptional benefits.

RiSeal Spacer 1000 – Low ECD Sealing Spacer

Riteks RiSeal Spacer 1000 is a next-generation, low ECD-combatting spacer with superior hole-cleaning capabilities, lower rheologies, and formation sealing characteristics. RiSeal Spacer 1000 exhibits superior performance in preventing lost circulation while cementing & allows for a reduction to non-productive time (NPT), while also being easy-to-handle, quick hydrating, and tailored to reduce the permeability of pores and fractures. This sealing spacer system also boasts temperature stability up to 300°F (149°C).

Riteks MS Spacer – Tunable Membrane Sealing Spacer

Riteks MS Spacer is a customizable spacer that is applicable in Remedial, Primary, and Loss Circulation situations. Riteks MS Spacer system is used to help mitigate lost circulation issues while cementing by minimizing induced losses & filtrate invasion and damage. Riteks MS Spacer also offers dual functionality as a yield point (YP) modifying tunable spacer to effectively clean the hole. MS Spacer creates a low permeability membrane across the well’s formations that penetrate micro-fractures to mitigate cement leak off and increases the ability to place cement jobs.

Riteks RSP-4D – Dry Surfactant Package

Riteks RSP-4D is a powdered surfactant for use in cement spacers, chemical washes, and drilling fluids. This product provides water wetting tendencies to enhance the cleanout of oil substrates through an ultra-low interfacial tension, helps leave the pipe and formation in a water-wet condition, and is applicable over a wide temperature range. It was developed to improve the efficiencies in dosing and to allow a true ‘on-the-fly’ spacer or chemical wash system, in combination with Riteks MS Spacer. Riteks RSP-4D surfactant acts as a degreaser, provides water wetting properties, promotes cement bonding, and helps to assure rheological compatibility in between oil-based (OBM) or synthetic-based (SBM) muds and the spacer.