RadiLock 3mm Acrylic Fibers – Lost Circulation Fiber

RadiLock 3mm Acrylic Fibers – Lost Circulation Fiber

Next generation fiber technology proven to effectively seal formation fractures improving fluid loss, loss of circulation, and return to surface properties in spacers, primary cementing, and helps prevent the need for costly remedial cementing operations. It offers dramatic improvements for areas of lost circulation in porous formations, by bridging gaps as well as aiding in support/suspension of the slurry design, with the additional benefits of improved bond logs, filter cake stability, and consistent slurry fluidity.

Riteks RCD-4 – Polymer Based Dispersant

Riteks RCD-4 provides superior dispersing power compared to conventional dispersants up to minimum 250°F (120°C). RCD-4 is a high-range water-reducing admixture powder utilizing superior polycarboxylate chemistry to achieve low and stable rheology at significantly lower dosage rates than with standard dispersants. This chemistry also offer a very high salt tolerance up to 18% NaCl & widens the field of potential applications significantly. RCD-4 can show retarding properties, although is often used in CaCl2 accelerated cement slurries and aids in reducing shrinkage during accelerated cement set.

Riteks RCD-3 – Saltwater Tolerant Dispersant

Riteks RCD-3 is a highly effective water-soluble polymer dispersant used in normal to high density, low fluid loss slurries that can be easily pumped in turbulent flow. This dispersant was developed to improve performance characteristics in cement slurries for workability, and is highly effective in salt and salt-saturated slurries.

Riteks RCD-2 – Low Salt Tolerant Dispersant

Riteks RCD-2 is a highly effective dispersant in cement slurries to improve the flow properties of the slurry, reduce hydraulic horsepower requirements, and allow removal of the mixing water resulting in a more dense cement slurry. With the use of Riteks RCD-2, cement slurries can be tailored for specific well requirements providing optimum slurry characteristics for any down hole condition.

Riteks Latex Stabilizer-RS – High Temperature Latex Stabilizer

Riteks Latex Stabilizer-RS is an anionic complex, which was designed to help compatibilize and stabilize polymeric solutions in latex slurries. When added to the Riteks GCL-4, Riteks Latex Stabilizer-RS minimizes viscosity rise due to poor salt stability, smoothing out the compound and enhancing compound flow characteristics.

Riteks GCL-4 – Self Stabilizing Liquid Latex

Riteks GCL-4 cement additive is a liquid additive designed to lower equivalent circulating density (ECD) and impart excellent gas migration & fluid-loss control, high-temperature suspension properties, and acid resistance to cement slurries. Riteks GCL-4 additive is successful across a wide range of well conditions from 60°F (16°C) to 350°F (176.7°C) circulating temperatures and is used in both primary casing cementing operations and remedial squeeze work.

Riteks RFL-1 – Non-Retarding Low Temperature Fluid Loss Additive

Riteks RFL-1 is a non-retarding low temperature fluid loss / gas migration additive designed to decrease the permeability of a cement slurry while increasing the overall durability and flexibility of the system. This additive is highly effective at exceptionally low loadings and works particularly well in lower temperature applications and small grind cements.

Solubond Fibers – Acid Soluble Lost Circulation Fibers

Solubond Fibers are an Innovative fiber technology that functions as an acid soluble Lost Circulation Material (LCM) where losses are an issue, but acid solubility is key. These fibers offer increased circulation by bridging and plugging off voids, fractures, and all types of permeable formations, and are compatible with cement and other fluids. These fibers offer low loading levels that range from 0.25 - 1pps and up to 5ppb in spacers. while being noncorrosive to equipment, and maintaining high-solubility in diluted hydrochloric acid (HCl) & formic acid (HF).