Toll Manufacturing – Business Advantages of Chemical Toll Blending

April 16,2020

For more than 30 years, Riteks has been a leader in toll manufacturing, supporting the manufacturing outsourcing needs of multiple chemical industries, including oilfield solutions; coatings, sealants, and adhesives; and construction chemical solutions.

In a toll manufacturing situation, a customer comes to a company like Riteks with a design and raw materials to complete the manufacturing process for them. Companies like Riteks have the necessary production equipment and specialists to generate a turnkey solution that includes blending, packaging, and even shipping products directly to their client company’s customers.

As we’ve continued to grow this part of our business, in addition to units focused on off-the-shelf and contract manufacturing solutions, it’s important to note the advantages for our manufacturing partners worldwide. These are the factors that typically make toll blending a winning proposition for our customers

Limited Investment in New Product Manufacturing

There are many situations that dictate even large manufacturers going outside of their own setup to hire toll blending companies. They could be launching a new product and lack specialized equipment, expertise, or even the capacity to handle production of a new design on their own. Many times, bringing in a company like Riteks makes sense while the product is earning market share, or even after.

Raw Material Purchasing and Storage

Companies like Riteks offer flexibility along the supply chain. Some manufacturers want ultimate control over their supply quality, while others trust us and our multiple purchasing relationships built over three decades. Either way, our customers achieve quality, and when they have us purchase and store raw materials, there can be significant savings due to our bulk purchasing power.

Packaging and Logistics Customization and Optimization

Since we can store raw materials and finished products, Riteks is well positioned to offer another value proposition, with regard to packaging and logistics. Instead of simply contracting the blend, we actually have tremendous packaging and logistics capabilities to get your customers’ products to them quickly, as they need them. In addition to accessing a global delivery chain, we also routinely customize packaging to your unique product specifications or needs of your customers.

Our Facilities

In 2019, we were thrilled to stake our claim to continued leadership in toll manufacturing with the opening of our 36,000-square-foot custom manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. Our new facility runs a system for continuous ventilation and is H3-rated for handling challenging chemicals such as corrosives, flammables, and isocyanates. We now operate to the highest standards of specialized mixing and manufacturing capabilities, with high and low-shear blending equipment; variable-speed, high-torque mixers; product mixing with batch temperature control; bulk chemical blending and storage; and, of course, industry-specific blending.

Whether it’s a small test batch or a full production run, we have the capacity to meet virtually any toll blending need in the industries we serve, with equipment set to fill large-scale orders down to a single drum, also allowing for extremes in viscosity and pH values.

Contact a Riteks customer service representative to learn more about our toll manufacturing capabilities and the Riteks advantages for your blend.