Choosing the Right Manufacturing Partner for Custom Coatings and Sealants

October 02,2019

Every customer has different reasons for looking for the right manufacturing partner for their custom coatings and sealants needs.

Companies choose to work with toll manufacturers because they themselves may lack the facilities, equipment, processes, or experience to take the leap from laboratory-scale batch size to scalable production runs. If you’re looking for the right manufacturing partner for your custom coatings and sealants, whether you’re an end-user or a distributor, there are a few points of consideration.


To fix virtually any problem, you have to have the right tools for the job. In custom chemical manufacturing for coatings and sealants, that means having the right people, processes, equipment, and facilities in place to find a solution for virtually any prospective challenge.

For example, Riteks has just opened a state-of-the-art 36,000-square foot facility that’s dedicated to toll manufacturing. This facility is equipped with best available control technology and runs a continuous ventilation system rated for handling hazardous chemicals like corrosives and flammables, as well as environmentally sensitive materials such as isocyanates. What we’ve learned is that the better your infrastructure and the more experienced your team, the greater your ability is to offer a full range of custom capabilities in wide-ranging industries.

Commitment to Custom Chemical Manufacturing

Some companies prefer to sell off-the-shelf blends of coatings and sealants, while offering custom blending on the side. In contrast, others choose to make custom chemical manufacturing a core business.

Riteks was formed in the early 1990s as a custom chemical manufacturing firm, and has evolved by adding other business units to meet urgent needs for very specific industries in the marketplace.

Successful Collaborations

There’s a lot of risk in choosing a manufacturing partner for custom chemical blends. Not only do you need to know that they have the capacity and commitment to take on your business, but also a track record of success. It’s key to work with a company which focuses on custom chemical manufacturing and has a proven record of success specifically in this area.

In a science-driven business like toll blending, you learn from every opportunity. Thanks to 30 years of experience, we know what’s required—the right people, processes, facilities, and equipment—to get the job done right.


In order to compete in custom chemical manufacturing, you have to be flexible. Not every customer requires the same packaging size. Whether you need fine particle blends or high-speed dispersions, being able to get the batch size and packaging that fits your needs shouldn’t be sacrificed.

We believe that the chemical blend isn’t the only aspect of your business that may need customization. With every job, we tailor the chemical manufacturing process to optimize formulation performance, and we are committed to giving you the right packaging options and turnkey experience as needed. That means we’ll optimize and produce the batch, packaging, labeling, and logistics.

We understand the custom chemical manufacturing business, and we’ve been successfully toll blending coatings and sealants for 30 years. We know that there’s often a lot of research and development investment at stake, and the integrity and performance of your product is always on the line. At Riteks, we take this business seriously and remain committed to excellence in toll blending. Contact us today to get started.